Greg EmfietzisLearning with Greg is aimed at supporting the process of learning at home for children and adults. The material presented are designated for specific needs, and (where possible) linked to the standards of the British examining boards.

About me
I grew up in Greece, studying the violin, and performing as part of professional and amateurish classical orchestras, choirs, and folk ensembles. During my undergraduate studies, I completed a 3-year-long (Classroom) Music Teachers’ Training Programme (QTS). I then moved to the UK to study for a Masters degree and a Doctorate, and have permanently settled.

I have since been continuously working as (peripatetic and whole class) music teacher, lecturer, and ensemble/orchestra conductor at a number of schools, colleges and universities, and privately. I have also been managing and directing the Metapraxis Ensemble, including planning and delivering series of educational workshops (KS2) in schools and public venues. At the same time I have built a reputable profile as a performer and composer.


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